WIC breastfeeding mom"WIC helps me make sure we get the food we need. It's one more way to know my child is on the right track."

What is WIC?

WIC serves pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding people and children up to five years old who are at or below 185% of the federal poverty level. It's healthy food for you and your child...and a lot more. WIC provides:

  • Nutrition ideas and tips on how to eat well and be more active
  • Breastfeeding support, such as access to a peer counselor (varies by agency).
  • Health reviews and referrals
  • Monthly eWIC benefits for healthy food like fruit, vegetables, and milk

Learn more about what food you can purchase with eWIC benefits.

Can WIC help your family?

If you are on Apple Health Medical (ProviderOne), you most likely qualify. In 2020, WIC made a difference for women, infants, and children in Washington State. To learn more or find one of 200 WIC clinics throughout the state:

WIC Eligibility by Income

Eligibility for WIC is determined by your household size and monthly income.

WIC Income Guidelines (Effective 4/18/2022)
Number of people in your household* Maximum monthly income to qualify
2 $2,823
3 $3,551
4 $4,279
5 $5,006
6 $5,734
7 $6,462
8 $7,189
Add'l +$728

*If you are pregnant, include each unborn child in household size.