Reproductive Life Plan

reprodcutive life planMaking a reproductive life plan is easier than you think.

It is as simple as asking “Do you want children?” and “When would I be comfortable having a baby?” These are very personal decisions, and your answers may change at any time. That’s ok – that’s life!

What is a reproductive life plan?

A reproductive life plan is a set of personal goals about having or not having children. It is also about when you get pregnant and how soon you have another child. Knowing the best way to do that will improve the health of you and your baby. The plan will help you reach your personal goals. Anyone can create a reproductive life plan based on their own goals, hopes, resources and values.

Why is a reproductive life plan important?

A reproductive life plan is important whether you plan to have children now or in the future. It is important for your health, as well as your partner’s. Planning can help you think about how you want to live your life and how you want to parent. Becoming a parent is a life-changing event, and you want to be prepared. Making a reproductive life plan can help ensure that you are healthy and have good social support when you choose to get pregnant. An important part of making a reproductive life plan is thinking about how to become and stay healthy.

How do I make a reproductive life plan?

First, it is important to think about whether you want to have a child at some point in your life. If you do wish to be a parent, think about when in your life you want to become pregnant. If you do not plan to have children, think about how you will prevent pregnancy for the long term. Then you can take actions to help you achieve these goals. For example, using effective birth control to prevent pregnancy before you want to become pregnant, or taking prenatal vitamins if you plan to become pregnant within the next few months.

To Get Started . . .

  • Talk to a doctor or counselor about what birth control options are best for you.

What does a reproductive life plan look like?

Your plan will depend on your own personal goals and dreams. Think about your goals for school, for your career, and for other important things in your life. Then think about how a family fits in with your plans.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I hope to have any (more) children?
  • How long do I plan to wait till I become pregnant again?
  • Have I looked at my family health history to see if I am at risk for a disease or condition?

Example statements to start a reproductive life plan:

“I’m not ready to have children now because I want to finish college first. I’ll make sure I don’t get pregnant. I’ll use birth control and a condom, every time!”

“I have diabetes so, when it’s time, I’ll go see my doctor to make sure my body is ready for pregnancy. In the meantime, I’m taking really good care of myself just for me.”

“I’d like to be a father after I finish school and have a job to support a family. While I work toward those goals, I’ll talk to my wife about her goals for starting a family. I’ll make sure we correctly use an effective method of contraception every time we have sex until we’re ready to have a baby.”

“I’ve decided that I don’t want to have children. I will find a good birth control method, and I will talk to my doctor about permanent birth control methods.”

Get Ready! Its your future

Life plan guides: you can print one and get started, or create your own.